Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy RefHallowHainOrmationSox Day!


It is that time of year again!  Which is to say the time when all the Christmas music starts in elevators and other public places.  Still...quite a blowout today, isn't it?  I haven't posted lately because I have injured my wrists and I like playing music when they aren't hurting.  Typing...not so much...

Still, it is a special day, so here is my Newsletter Column for the Church Newsletter:

Dear Eliot Members and Friends,

Happy Halloween...or Samhain...or Reformation Day!  This is one of my favorite holiday mash-ups and it happens every year.  It is Halloween (the one you all know about), a fantastic folk holiday on the eve of All Saint's Day.  All Saints Day is also called All Hallow's Day so this is...Hallow's Eve.  It is also Samhain, the holiday celebrated by Druids both ancient and modern.  Samhain traditions found their way into Halloween so in a real sense when you celebrate one, you are celebrating at least part of the other.  Finally, it is Reformation Day, when Martin Luther (presumably dressed as an angry soon-to-be-former Catholic Priest) nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg church to begin the Protestant Reformation.  Needless to say, I like to observe all three.

It is also the day when retailers start to put up their Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.  I understand the urge.  At church we have already begun planning for “the Holidays”, too.  From the staff perspective ,the time between November 24 (Thanksgiving Sunday) and January 5 (Epiphany Sunday) is one long celebration made of interlocking readings and rituals.  Planning for it is fun, but it is a lot of work!  It is always a good idea to get a jump on things.  However you don't have to.  It will come soon enough.  There is plenty of fall to enjoy before we dig in so take your time!  One of the challenges we face as a people is finding ways to be in the place and time we currently occupy.  This is a good time for measured activity and contemplation.  Actually Advent will be, too...

This Sunday we will be thinking about the efforts we go through to maintain that sense of the spirit in our lives.  It takes effort and intention to keep our feet under us is the hustle of every day.  I hope you can make it.  Either way, I wish you a blessed beginning to a time of great festivity.  Let us know if you need anything!  We will see you around...

Faith and Hope,

I didn't note the World Series in the newsletter, mostly because I (like many people in these parts) am tired.  However, I should say that my favorite moment in the series was the broken pickle play last night.  Now, sadly, Fenway must be put to bed for the winter.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating today, enjoy!  Stay safe and sober...
and eat well.

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