Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Here...CSA Coming!

The garden is in, as you can see.  And it is coming along.  Honestly, I know that I am supposed to be all "gardens are beautiful" and such, but really, it is a muddy mess much of the time.  I still like it, of course.  It even serves a spritual purpose in keeping me connected to nature when I need it.  It also keeps the kids weeding (that large bushy thing is a carefully limitted mint plant).  Still, not always beautiful.  For that there are last year's garden pictures from August.
These pictures, however, are not from August but in fact from this morning.  This is the sage plant and dean of the garden (except, perhaps, the cilantro volunteers, whose corriander will be going into a wheat beer some time soon).  We kept it indoors all winter and it did not die! 

More herbs.  The licorice basil has stayed intact as the bugs seem to prefer the cinnamon basil (sigh).  The chives are cute but sparse.  Actually, our CSA will be starting this Monday.  The church set up a "buying group" and we are preparing for our first deliveries!  Mostly salad greens, herbs and turnips this week, apparently.  But, then, at least I know what to do with them...

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