Monday, June 14, 2010

And So The Veggies Come

The CSA veggies came.  Friend and Eliot Church member Chris Banthin dropped off the bags after driving to Framingham to pick up our shares at the UCC Conference Headquarters.  It was an intimidating batch of stuff!  Above you will see it as it looked on the counter.  Below is how it looks on my parsonage porch, where the other bags await their owners.  Still, I think a family of five will polish this off in a week, which is good because we have a full share and another bag next Monday.

It was a bit of a challenge, actually, figuring out how to fit all this in the fridge (which isn't large).  From the counter certain items went straight to the cutting board (the green onions, for instance) and into smaller bags.  Same with the "garlic scape," which turns out to be the name of the green shoot you find in old garlic.  Perhaps because it is 'scaping the bulb?  Perhaps not.

Still, it is great to finally be getting stuff after sending (and collecting) money for so long.  For the record, the salad we made this evening was excellent.  The garlic scapes were a big help flavoring the chicken, and we managed to use some of the mint as well.  At dinner we were discussing whether or not the food was actually greener and better tasting or whether it was just thanks to the time and the expense of waiting.  Either way, it was very, very nice to have it here.  So far, so good...

Most of what we got this week is for salad.  The kale we will use in a white bean soup (kale, white beans, garlic (scapes?), bay leaves, sage leaves, red pepper flakes).  The spinach may find its way into chick pea soup (chick peas, curry power, cumin, garlic, spinach and beet greens).  The rest...dressing.

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