Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Filler and A Couple Links

Well, it's always important to be honest.  The Christmas season is still swingin' away and I am in the midst of writing my final paper for a Doctorate in Ministry.  The area of concentration has to do with preaching to an intentionally post modern, liberal congregation.  Good times, of course, but it has nothing to do with the topic of this blog (sigh).

Until I get a handle on things, however, I thought I would let you know I am preparing for spring!  Here is an interesting article about plants recognizing their siblings (gardeners be aware!).  After all, visiting relatives is part of the holiday...right?

Also, I am reading a book in my spare time about small gardens.  Its focus is urban, but suburbanites with limitted control over their landscape (that is, renters) might find it useful.  The folks who run this webpage seem nice, but I got mine locally from the local book store in Portsmouth NH.

Happy holidays, good paper-writing, and great dreams of spring gardens...

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