Friday, November 27, 2009

So...Was it Local?

Well it certainly wasn't lo-cal!  Just looking at this makes me queasy.

As some of you may recall, in my second "Closer to Creation" sermon I suggested that we try to eat as local as possible during the holidays.  So this T-Day provided a baseline for Advent.  All things considered, I wish I did better but I also managed to cover some of the major areas.

What was local: The turkey, the apples (for the pie), the fennel, some herbs (from my herb garden), the beer (made by me with ingredients procured locally), the sausage stuffing (my sister-in-law's (and my brother's) farm in Maine), the pecan pie (well, it was made by the youth group of my church and the other UCC church in town).

What was either not local or of unknown origin: Pancetta, kale, garlic, pie crust (thank you General Mills!), sweet potatoes, butter, sugar (even the maple syprup which--really--is unforgivable). cheese, crackers.

Also, my in-laws brought some things, but you can't always be responsible for that.  Family harmony being a big part of the day and all...

So today we are off to go shopping!  Yes, I said shopping.  We are buying local today, staying away from the crowds and such and hitting some of the nearby downtowns, many of which have zoned out non-local businesses.  I encourage you to go out and patronize them as well.  "Buy Nothing Day" is great, but only if it doesn't send you to the Gap next week! 

Here is a link to my sister in law Hanne's farm. 

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