Friday, November 20, 2009

Garbage in Space!

One of the joys of my congregation's relationship with the United Church of Christ is the presence of the Worcester Area Mission Society.  Behind its old-fashioned name there lies a passionate and dedicated organization that works on issues of social justice in the central part of Massachusetts.  While--as the name implies--it is primarily based in Worcester there are also opportunities to volunteer in other local communities, like nearby Framingham.  In addition, it has reached out into the cosmos to address the problem of space pollution and debris.  They have a new web site (reputedly one of the best general sites on the subject) that I commend to you.  It is good both for sustainability people and, I think, for science teachers.

Here it is.  It is called the "Goddard Project" after Worcester's own Robert Goddard.

Here is the WAMS (that is what we call it) home page:

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