Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent Calendar Post #2

Each year I do a daily "Advent Calendar" on my Burbania Posts Facebook Page.  This year I will be re-posting some of them here as well.  If you want the full collection, though, you might as well "like" BP on Facebook.  I believe there is a link on my sidebar...

This one is from December 3, 2015

I know we are all a bit jumpy and wondering what the day will bring. At least I am. The "new normal" is truly bizarre, isn't it? Well, if I am going to rant about the state of the world and the availability of guns, I will do it on another FB page. It is Advent, after all, and even as we acknowledge all the crap in the world, we need to keep a place for the season, right? If only for our own sanity.

So I am sharing an old post that made it's debut a couple of years ago on this day. My son Conor and I were practicing a song for church and--like we do in the Ukestra--recorded ourselves so we could see what needed tightening and what needed loosening. The performance in church was...OK. However we developed a fondness for this version.

It is weird to look back. I appear to be just the same (though I don't feel it). However Con clearly has changed. He is now less than a year away from college and recently shaved off his respectable "Movember beard". In addition, the Ukestra was going by another name and I was in my "Canadian Tuning" phase. Good times.

So here is to Advents past. Sometimes better. Sometimes not. But always, always different.

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