Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Comin' Down

It's official.  The storm is over.  The kids are home again today, though, as there is a great deal of heavy wet stuff to move around.  The sidewalks aren't cleared and most of the roads are missing about half a lane.  Oh yes...and it is raining, making everything very special indeed.  I took the snowshoes to work.  I suspect I looked a tad ridiculous cruising on top of the snowbanks at the traffic's edge.  However, I didn't mind being three feet above the growling, splashing cars.  It was also nice to find a practical use for these things so far south...
One aspect of the storm is that it reminded those of us in Burbania that we aren't really as in charge as we often like to think.  We sculpt our surroundings as a matter of course.  We choose our houses and our neighborhoods.  We pick our friends and our leisure activities.  Yes, there is always something we wish we could do that we cannot.  That yearning is a natural part of our humanity.  Still, Burbanians expect a certain amount of order and regularity.  For a couple days that was put into disarray.  Protect the Earth, people, because we are part of it.

At one point in my walk I passed over the Charles River.  Where I live, this historic body of water is only slightly larger than your average stream.  It gets massive closer to Boston but here it is a lazy spot for geese, ducks, and a couple of herons who also make it their home.  The drifts put me higher up than usual and the river appeared unperturbed so I grabbed a picture.

I realize that I have been going on about this storm for the last couple of days (see previous posts) but I am really appreciating what it has to tell us.  I realize, too, that as everything gets back to normal it's results will increasingly be an impediment to our efficiency.  I, too, will be (and already am) cursing and sliding about as I try to get from one place to another.  I hope those of you who are dealing with the burdens right now are doing OK.  Let me know if I can help.  I have a few gripes as well but am trying (not always successfully) to not let them take me over.
Anyway, that is all for now.  I thought about writing something about the Pope's retirement but as a liberal Protestant I am not sure what I really have to say.  I have to think a bit.  Perhaps later when I am not in a Transcendentalist mood...
Here is a link to a similar post from a couple of years ago.  In it I quote William Channing Gannett, a great figure in our movement and the brother of a former pastor of the church I serve.  I like to think of them trooping about on snowshoes over the Charles River in their greatcoats and snowy white beards, being philosophical...and scaring geese...

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