Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things are Quiet...Perhaps Too Quiet

It is July here in Burbania which means all activity is reduced to minimal levels of effectiveness.  Many people are on on vacation and won't return for another month.  Others have packed the kids off to camp to spend time pursuing various interests.  Others have jobs and the added diffculty of maneuvering around the changed schedule of others and the increased social demands of the season.

I have been in Maine visiting family and friends while trying to keep our camp in reasonably working order.  There is alwasy an infrastructure problem.  Usually it is the water.  By the end of the visit the water was fine but the propane had run out.  We use propane for our gas lights, the stove, and the miracle of technology known as a "propane fridge".  Our last night we had a lovely evening with old friends thanks to a very good Zinfandel, our collection of oil lamps, and our trusty Coleman Stove.   

One of these days (if we don't sell the place first) we would like to go to solar power for some of these necessities.  Until then, it is was it is.  We are too far off the grid for anything else. 

Now we are home and various tasks keep rising up from the earth to keep us busy.  I am theoretically on vacation, but there is much to do.  I think this happens to most people at least sometimes.

Still, there should be some additional posts soon.  After all, the NFL strike is over and the crazy feeding-frenzy of free agency is in full swing.  Also, I am doing some reading on various topics concerning the church.  Perhaps most obviously, I continue to play the uke and plan for summer worship so...who knows what comes next?

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