Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Interesting Links: Goodbye Space

As you are probably aware, today marks the final launching of the NASA space shuttle program.  This is sad.  I am a big fan and, honestly, don't see why we want to stop sending people up.  I dimly recall an urge to privatize (a popular urge these days) but I have been a fan of Kirk, Spock, and Bones too long to think it is a good idea to let corporations control outer space. It just seems shortsighted to me.

Well, that is all.  It just seems that the day needs to be noticed and marked in some way.

Here are two links.

This one is to the official NASA launch page.

This one is to the Goddard Project.  It is a program funded by the Worcester Area Mission Society (WAMS), the service arm of the Central Association of the Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ (CA-MACUCC).  WAMS does do many, many other things.  Most of them are a of a traditional church service variety.  However, this is perhaps the most fitting to link to today.

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