Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Miracle of the Parsonage Septic

I realize that this picture doesn't look like much.  However, Facebook friends of Burbania Posts are aware of the massive devastation inflicted on a portion of the parsonage lawn this week.  Our century-old cesspool was finally laid to rest unlamented and the house was put on the town sewer.  This required some major excavation.  The workers cracked the hard shell of our tiny street.  They also had to run a pipe directly through where my garden--until that point--stood.  A long trough was dug and general mayhem occurred (again, pictures on FB if you want to see them).  The compost bin was emptied.  The garden was no more.

However, upon returning today from a brief camping trip to Maine (more on that later), I happened to notice this speck of green in the small suburban desert.  They are chives.  In all the tumbling the lawn took, somehow they landed on their feet and are staging a comeback.  I put a brick wall (the bricks from the larger garden) around the plant to indicate its protected status.  It isn't much, but it is  a beginning.

Perhaps this can be a sermon illustration for someone.  I will leave it up to my fellow preachers to extract some meaning from the event...

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