Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interesting Link: Michael Irvin in Out Magazine

Today is the day I do the work of getting together the order of service for Sunday.  I also need to start thinking about the sermon, itself.  Thanks to my "Church Musician" status, this process has become a bit long and involved.  Therefore, I have little time to write today.

I do have an interesting link for you though.  Michael Irvin will need no introduction to football fans.  During his playing days he was a larger-than life character and stereotypical sports "bad boy".  Now as an announcer, he retains a bit of that charm.  This month he is on the cover of Out magazine talking about his brother who was gay, the pressures he felt around issues of sexuality throughout his career as a football player, and about his current position on gay marriage, among other things.  Religion geeks might be interested in knowing that he is the son of a Primitive Baptist pastor and is now a member of TD Jakes' congregation.

He also speculates about how an openly gay athlete would fare in any of the big leagues.  It turns out, he is optimistic. 

For what it is worth, Irvin is now a respected elder statesman in his world.  What he says hold a great deal of weight to many.  You may want to read it...

Here it is.

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