Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post-Easter Blues

I always find it hard to get going the week after Easter.  Yes, the seasons have changed and we are all supposed to be spritely and vigorous.  However, it takes time for me to ramp up.  No doubt part of this is because of the toll Lent, Holy Week, and Easter can take on someone in my profession.  Every job has times like this.  It is the high-energy time.  It begins when many folks are feeling sluggish from their winter hibernation. It ends on the official "resurrection day".  That's a lot of pressure.  That's a lot of activity.  Of course, it is also allergy season....

Whatever the reason, I find that right after Easter I want to either hide indoors or climb a really large mountain in some less populated region.  I also would like a place with fewer cars.  I was raised a country-boy but don't particularly miss it except when each season changes.  The 'burbs just don't feel (and certainly don't smell or sound) the same as where I grew up.  I miss the connection to nature that comes from inhabiting a place where nature--not people--still holds the balance of power.

 Well, we didn't drive up to Maine.  We also haven't hidden in some far corner of the parsonage.  What Norm and I did manage to do was to drive about a mile away to the local bird sanctuary.  We just barely managed to beat the rain.  It was good to be there.  We walked on some of the trails we enjoyed during our winter hikes and marveled at the changes.  We spotted some birds and reported them to the office so they could go on the list.  It was nice to be out, even if it didn't quite meet all of our requirements.  Burbania is about compromise, after all.

We also signed Norm up for  homeschool classes at the sanctuary.  This is good.  He has taken them before and misses his friends.  These classes--held in various locations and on various subjects--are very important social outlets as well and educational ones.  Norm is considering a second year of homeschool.  A lot will depend on whether he feels he can see other kids.  Homeschoolers spend little time at home, actually.  A lot of it is spent with fellow-students.  A lot of it is spent in nature.  Which reminds me...its time to plan for summer camps...

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