Friday, April 22, 2011

On Fasting III (and a bit about Maundy Thursday Communion)

This may well be a two-post day as I want to get back to the Meadville/Lombard thing.  However, I thought a fasting update was in order.  Perhaps not surprisingly we made it through the night.  Last night's Maundy Thursday service was lovely with few words and a healthy dose of music.  Our hymns were played by Harriett Buckingham, our long-time Maundy Thursday pianist.  Our Assistant minister played the guitar and sang for the Interlude.  I, of course, played the Fluke to kick it off.  Also, communion was served. 

As I noted (or at least implied) in last night's post, the goal was originally to stop eating after the service.  We thought it would be a nice symbolic touch to have communion be the last thing consumed.  In reality we got a bit nervous and did some snacking before bed to fortify ourselves.  Still, the symbolic end will be around 7pm this evening if we can make it.  Also, this is a solid-food fast, so there will be liquids consumed during the day. 

My big question right now is what to serve for dinner.  I tried a few Google searches, but mostly I found references to some diet plan that involves regular 24 hour fasts.  It had suggestions, but they all had to do with losing weight.  My concern is a bit different, obviously.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  I plan on being very hungry...

Here are the essential elements of last night's communion service, just in case someone ever wants to replicate it.


On Uke:
Were You There?  We did this as a sing-along without words printed.  Sometimes I think we get so busy reading the words that we forget to experience the moment.

On Piano (all from the Pilgrim Hymnal):
Holy, Holy, Holy  (that's right UU's...the trinitarian one)
Rock Of Ages 
Abide With Me

On Guitar:
In the Bulb There is a Flower This was sung as a solo piece by Matt Carriker.

Exodus 12:1-4, 11-14 (the Passover story)
Luke 22:7-18 (the Communion story)

The actual service of communion consisted of reading the next two verses of Luke and handing out the bread and wine at appropriate moments.

Donna Vuillemier and I were the deacons.

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