Monday, June 21, 2010

This Week's Veggies

Here is this week's CSA haul delivered to the parsonage drop-point by Felicia Nadel, our Church Administrator.  We managed to put away pretty much all of last week's bag except for one small head of lettuce.  We have more lettuce (two kinds) this week.  Also kale, chard, radishes, a lovely bunch of dill, and a small bunch of cilantro.  We also scored a few peas...which we will eat now.

Last week's dropper-offer Chris mentioned that one of the great educational side benefits of this project is that we are all getting a good sense of what becomes ready and when.  That is, we are being forced to be seasonal.  Since many of us also have gardens, it is a good learning experience.  Hopefully I will remember it long enough to plan the crops next year...

As for what to do with this stuff.  Again, most of it will make excellent salad.  Tonight I will slice up some of the radishes and add them to the last week's lettuce and some green onions.  My sister recommended something called "kale chips" which I might try.  She says to "toss your kale with some olive oil and salt, spread out on a tray, and roast -- it gets a little crispy and wicked good."

I vaguely remember enjoying something with chard, but now I don't know what it was.  Oh...and we have collards. 

Here is a link, once again, to OneThousand Radishes.  Most of the folks on it get their veg from a different CSA, but word on the street is that its pretty much the same stuff at the same time.  Also, here is a link to the recipe page for our farm, Many Hands Organic Farm, in Barre MA.

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