Monday, February 8, 2010

Green Police?

Thankfully the Super Bowl was one of the most exciting we have seen in years.  We have the Saints to thank for that.  Their agressive play-calling made the most exciting moment an on-side kick, of all things, to start the second half.  The Colts played well too.  Really, it was a great evening for football fans.  I do feel sorry for the folks who watch for the commercials, though.  I missed the Tebow add because it was boring.  Betty White was funny.  Otherwise, pretty standard stuff.

That having been said, I want to mention two commercials. Both rather awkward ones for car companies.  The first was the spot for the Dodge Charger.  I love the Charger.  I know it is wrong, but I do.  It is loud and obnoxious.  It looks like it is going 30 when it is standing still.  I want one to put in the parsonage driveway because it would be the only one in all of clergy-dom.  Sadly, however, its MPG is a little pedestrian (26 on the highway).  Also, they are all automatics (unlike the more expensive and even cooler Challenger, which also has V-8's that turn themselves into V-4's when in town).  I also like the Fiat/Chrysler collaboration and want the company to do well.  Chargers and Challengers are pretty much all the've got worth buying.

However, the commercial was wierdly misogynist.  Apparently the Charger is meant to be the last bastion of manhood for the married male.  Aside from the dubious message this sends, there is also a practical problem. Most Chargers that I have actually seen on the road have been driven by high school girls.  Kinda strange move then, don't ya think?

The other commercial was for a very interesting car, the Audi TDI "Clean Diesel".  The "Clean Diesel" engine--which is different from a regular diesel--gets a driver 76 mpg and is reputedly more eco-friendly than many hybrids (drastically reduced emmissions, comparable mpg and no nickel mining for batteries...very nice).  I tried to find out if it still works with fry-oil but found nothing conclusive.  It also is an automatic, which means it is less fun than it should be, but you can't win everything, right?

The commercial, however, was a odd attempt at an in-joke (the "Green Police") that resulted in the rather obvious mocking of environmentalists.  Strange choice.  Who do they think will buy this Audi?  If one can afford an Audi, one can afford many, many, nice things.  It would make sense, I think, to point out how great the car would be for people who care about the world they live in.  I think they tried, but they came off a bit stupid.

OK, here are the links.  First "Green Police" which, I must say, is better (funnier) outside the context of the Super Bowl.  I wonder if  more people got it than I thought.  Also, that really is Cheap Trick singing apparently.  That's cool...

Here is the Charger ad.  Still doesn't work for me, even though I totally don't get vampire shows.  Oh, and it should be mentioned that the Charger does in fact make sense as a car for kids (responsible ones).  That is a lot of metal between your child and the many obstacles the landscape provides...

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