Thursday, August 20, 2009

There was a short and interesting article in the New York Times today about a guy (Colin Beavan) who--with his family--embarked on a year-long project to wean themselves of carbon fuel. It sounds ambitious. However, he did get a book deal out of it (the book is out in September) so it cannot be all that bad. I will buy the book and read it. My one initial concern (at least from this short article) is that what he did is simply unrealistic over the long-term. This is something he admits as well, incidentally. He has since backed off from some of his habits during the project. The trick, I think, is to do what is realistic and to really do it. I think that after a while, more may seem possible.

It is worth noting that they still do not use air conditioners. Having been in New York recently (see previous post) I cannot help but be impressed...

Here is the link.

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